If you have ever considered aligning with a Registered Investment Advisor, now is the right time.
Grow your business
Build your income
Be more valuable to your clients

Grow Your Business

Insurance and annuity agents can only provide advice on the fixed products they sell. Due to this limitation, an agent cannot expect to offer a holistic solution in the clients’ best interests without the ability to offer concurrent solutions on the managed money side. As a result, agents are forfeiting a significant amount of the portfolio – and earnings – by doing so.

IAMS Wealth Management can increase your competitiveness as you become a full-service manager of risk and broaden the scope of services you can provide. By utilizing a combination of strategies, products, and asset classes, you can guard yourself from the scrutiny of outside examiners and set yourself apart from your competition in two ways:

  • Clients can receive comprehensive financial care through a blend of diversified assets.
  • Clients can simplify the process and funnel 100% of their assets through a single advisor they trust.

Build Your Income

As an Investment Advisor, you can provide complete solutions that encourage clients to utilize you to manage their entire portfolio. Adding this capability to your business empowers you to be an asset gatherer with an enhanced ability to attract and retain clients.

Assuming you start from nothing, build your AUM, and accrue an attainable 6% growth per year, it’s easy to see how your recurring income grows. Advisors earn up to 1% of their AUM annually, and the table below shows a sample earnings potential.

Be More Valuable to Your Clients

By being an advisor, you are held to the highest standard of care with your clients – the fiduciary duty. This sets you apart from many brokers and consultants who are only held to a suitability standard and this difference can be used as a substantial marketing advantage.

You sit on the same side of the table as your client and this aspect of mutual success fosters stronger relationships as they know, as a fiduciary, you are legally obligated to act in their best interests.

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