IAMS Wealth Management is an insurance-friendly asset management solution for independent advisors. Our value is simple: we take on the time-consuming tasks of portfolio construction, business processing, trading, and billing to provide the advisor with more time to focus on what’s important – building relationships with clients and gathering new assets.

With access to our proprietary platform, innovative technology, and a full-service operations team, we provide the support system needed for advisors to scale their businesses. No matter if you’re a seasoned advisor looking for a more cost-effective home or a new advisor starting a book of business from scratch, we’re prepared to help you grow.

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Focus on your client's needs,
let us focus on the rest.


Time is Money

We take on the burdens of new business processing, portfolio construction, trading, compliance, and billing to provide the advisor with more time to focus on what’s important – addressing clients’ needs, gathering assets, and meeting with prospects.

Fewer Headaches

With access to propriety technology, top tier money managers, and a full-service operations team that monitors your requests from start to finish, we provide the capabilities, and expertise needed for advisors to scale and grow their business.

Competitive Payouts

The advisor starts the enterprise, and that is not forgotten at IAMS. Advisors receive their payouts monthly, technology and E&O costs are wrapped in a low affiliation fee, and there are no minimum surcharges or termination fees to worry about.

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